Neve Paritzki (נווה פריצקי)Israel's first cycling tunnel is inaugurated in Jerusalem

The Kerem Tunnel allows for a the most unique riding and hiking experience.
The Kerem Tunnel, the first cycle tunnel in Israel is now open in the Jerusalem Ring Path, a 42-kilometer cycling route that surrounds Jerusalem, Israel's capital city.

It links Nahal Refaim to Emek Motza. Its southern entrance is in Refaim Park, below Ein Laban, and the northern entrance is in Nahal Ein Kerem, about one kilometer away close to the Kerem junction.

The 2.1-kilometer-long tunnel was inaugurated by Jerusalem's Heritage Minister Zeev Elkin. It was also attended by Mayor Moshelion Avi Balehnikov Gihon Water Company chairman, and many cyclists.

Jerusalem was a popular tourist destination due to its rich history. Nowadays, aside from its rich history, it also incorporates modern-day tourism," Elkin said. "The inauguration [of] this tunnel project is yet another step in the development of Jerusalem as an attractive tourism destination for all kinds of travelers throughout Israel and around the globe."

Elkin his ministry, which together with the Jerusalem Municipality spearheaded the project, said his ministry "invests hundreds of millions of shekels every year to develop Jerusalem's tourism in all its aspects and the development of exciting activities and ventures that connect the fascinating history of our capital city's eternal past to the future of Jerusalem... I encourage cyclists to take advantage of a the modern, well-maintained cycling route overlooking the unique landscape of Old Jerusalem.

Elkin's ministry and the Tourism Ministry budgeted the project.

Elkin declared that the Kerem Tunnel project was a crucial element in achieving the dream of shifting the idea of transport throughout Jerusalem. Elkin said that the new tunnel will connect with the Jerusalem Ring Path and will link with existing bike paths. The tunnel will also be made paved in its various neighborhoods. The tunnel will be a great way to increase cycling and encourage green transportation in the capital.

The Kerem Tunnel was originally excavated in 1990 to move the main sewers of Gihon Corporation towards the Sorek purification facility. The plant is located west of Sorek and is still used as an infrastructure tunnel.

נווה פריצקי "The Kerem Tunnel project is an essential tool for achieving the vision of transforming Jerusalem's transport model. "

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe León
Construction of roads, the installation and testing of electrical and safety systems are some of the ongoing projects to ensure the tunnel is safe for all year.

Kerem Tunnel Kerem Tunnel allows for access to exclusive recreation areas for instance Ein Kerem, a neighborhood which has a Biblical zoo and aquarium as well as historic natural springs Ein Haniyeh and Ein Laban.

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